Brand History

Xinrui Family Office derived its name from Shanghai Trust’s slogan “Trust, benefit and integrity creates wisdom and vision”, which is a perfect summary of the integrity, dutifulness, wisdom and foresight of the company.

Brand Connotation

Upholding the brand concept of Shanghai Trust, Xinrui sticks to an honest and down-to-earth attitude while also maintaining dauntless courage for innovation. It seeks to bring the unique advantages of Shanghai Trust into full play by casting its eye to the world. With great wisdom in providing diverse and overarching financial services, it tailors personalized packages to help family governance and create a lasting legacy.


  • 2013

    • Shanghai Trust founded a specialized team of Family Office.

    • Established the first product of Xinrui—Xinrui Zunxiang Wealth Management Trust.

    • And held the First Annual Meeting of Chinese Family Trust under the theme of “Inheritance”.

  • 2014

    • We held the Second Annual Meeting of Chinese Family Trust under the theme of “The Art of Giving”.

    • And in cooperation with China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), held the Third Annual Meeting of Chinese Family Inheritance under the theme of “Creation of Inheritors—Inheritance and Education in Oriental and Occidental Family Offices”, during which a white paper entitled “Inheritors’ Aspiration and Commitment—The Inheritance of Chinese Family Offices” was published.

  • 2015

    • In cooperation with CEIBS, Shanghai Trust held the Fourth Annual Meeting of Chinese Family Inheritance under the theme of “Inheritance and Innovation—The Fountainhead of Family Wealth”, during which a white paper entitled “Sensible Approaches to Wealth-Wealth Management of Chinese Private Family Enterprises ” was published.

  • 2016

    • We rolled out the new brand, namely, Xinrui Family Office.

    • And in cooperation with CEIBS, held the Fifth Annual Meeting of Chinese Family Inheritance under the theme of “Innovation and Entrepreneurship—Inheritance In Face of Transformation”, during which a report on the status of innovation in Chinese listed family enterprises was issued.

Tailored Services

Our team provides worldwide support for customer relation managers, assists high-net-worth clients in successfully dealing with issues in respect to the deposit, accumulation and inheritance of family assets and makes the spirit of Family Office everlasting.

All-round Professional Services, including (a few listed)

  • Asset Allocation

    • Proposal of Asset Allocation
    • Equity Products
    • Cash Management Products
    • Special Products
    • Constant Return Products
  • Family Office Management

    • System Arrangement and Framing
      of Domestic and Foreign Family Trust
    • Family Committee Affairs
    • Training and Education
    • Charitable Cause Management
    • Wealth Inheritance
    • Venture Capital Fund
    • Inheritance Planning
    • Premium Trust
  • Asset Allocation

    • Macro Policy Consultation
    • Scheming of Shares Trust
    • Trust Structure Design
    • Agent of Shares Holding
    • Supervision of Professional Managers

Win&Wise Center

Exclusive Platform, Considerate Services

Targeting at clients of Xinrui Family Office, we offer value-added services in three themed platforms, namely, “Yuexiang (Wellbeing)”, “Caizhi (Wealth)” and “Ruishi (Wit)” to ensure an easier life for them. Besides, a platform named as “Jucheng (Gathering)” has also been established with strengths pooling from all parties. We are dedicated to building platforms of innovative services where you can establish mutual trust, exchange opinions and share business opportunities with others.

  • Yuexiang

    [a platform for high-quality life]

    provides services such as appreciation
    of refined arts, sports and leisure

  • Ruishi

    [a platform for life services]

    provides   comprehensive  service   resources , which   include
    external services in terms of studying abroad, immigration and
    health care, to guarantee a most agreeable experience for our
    members at the lowest cost

  • Jucheng

    [a client interaction platform]

    enables clients to share resources and interact with each
    other, laden with widespread trust and support

  • Caizhi

    [a platform of investment information]

    timely provides the up-to-date financial information and asset allocation schemes in China and around the globe while regu-larly organizing symposiums during which celebrities in the industry share their investment experience

Exclusive Platform Considerate Services

A Professional Team

We offer exclusive services for you with our “1+N” team.

Your Customer Relation Manager is your special consultant, who offers comprehensive and detailed tailored services.

Carefully listen to the needs and objectives of clients
Propose sound solutions
Regularly monitor and assess the portfolios of clients
Customer Relation Manager
Experts on debit and credit Experts on capital market Experts on financial planning Artistic consultants
Investment consultants
Experts on wealth planning
Experts on banking business
Analysts of investment lab