Improve the research system to create more value for clients

Shanghai Trust always regards research and innovation as the cornerstones of its continual development. Its insightful, systematic and independent research work together with its professional research team grants it more far-reaching vision and more profound thinking. What’s more, its multi-dimensional research on the macro economy, industry, companies and products guarantees the extensiveness of its research, while its sound logic and extraordinary acumen contributes to the quality and depth of its research. With shrewd analysis and judgement, it has won strong customer loyalty.

• We hone our value judgment and product design & management ability, so as to provide clients with professional market analyses, variegated tailored financial products and portfolios, enhanced personalized services and unique values.

• Through top-down monitoring of the industry as well as the broader environment and bottom-up company selection, we feel the pulse of the macro economy, study the features and evolution logic of the industry.

• With productive investment in research and a commitment to creating visible returns for clients, we tailor unique investment management and advisory services for our high-net-worth clientele to achieve stable profit growth.