Professional Team

As expert managers in the capital market, we have rich knowledge and experience

Shanghai Trust pursues in-depth thinking and original research. We have excellent wealth management teams with profound understanding of the rules of the capital market and industries. We are familiar with the different risks and returns of all kinds of financial products and investment instruments. Hence, our team is a more active, professional and influential player in the capital market.

We excel in not only seeing through the reams of financial data but also deciphering the intricate and esoteric industry logics. By dint of profound understanding and proper application of financial models, we constantly upgrade our products.

By Sept. 30th, 2016, Shanghai Trust has a staff of 349. Of them, 60.7% (212 people) have a master degree or above, including 12 doctors and 200 postgraduates. Talents with other professional qualifications include:

  • CFA: 10
  • Gold Trader Certification holders: 7
  • Interbank domestic currency market trader: 15
  • HKSI license holders: 3
    (including an advanced license holder)
  • Certified public accountants: 13
  • FRM: 6
  • Lawyer’s License holders: 20
  • Financial advisers:13