• Greater China Series

    This series, focusing on high-yield dollar bonds and preferred shares, capitalizes on the spread between domestic and foreign bonds to secure profits and provide mid & long-term dollar asset allocation instruments.

  • Global Fixed Income Selection Series

    This series, supported by the managers’ access to specialized global research platforms, selects superior fixed income financial instruments denominated by dollar worldwide to obtain stable profits, including investment-grade and high-yield bonds.

  • Enamel Series

    This series combines domestic and offshore investment by adopting a structure featuring “domestic fixed income + offshore notes”. While controlling the downside risks, it makes investments in structured products linked to offshore index, funds, commodities, foreign exchange and so on to deliver returns from offshore investments.

  • Platinum Series

    This series invests in offshore stocks, bonds, funds or structured products gain profits via the QDII program. It features flexible fund management and easy operation.

  • Opal Series

    This series invests in structured notes linked to offshore stocks, preferred stocks, bonds and so on via the QDII program, using foreign exchange hedges to deliver returns from offshore investments.

  • Lanthanum Series

    This series invests in preferred offshore hedge funds. In cooperation with top foreign fund managers, it adopts strategies including quantified investment, macro-hedging and FOF to provide new options of asset allocation for clients.