Overseas Platforms

  • ·2014:Established SITCOAM (Hong Kong) Holdings Limited in 2014.

    Positioning:Corporate governance; run and manage in parallel to Shanghai Trust’s international businesses.

    Objective:Provide products and consulting service for Shanghai Trust’s global asset management.

    Staff:Senior executives experience with Chinese markets, servicing professional investors in overseas markets and worked as independent wealth consultants with local administrative support. Aiming to forge a professional asset management platform with global vision and management.

  • ·2015:Established SITCO Trust in Hong Kong.

    Positioning:A platform providing overseas trust service.

    Objective:Provide trust services and offshore trust consulting independently.

    Staff:Coordinate with professional third-party organizations, including but not limited to law firms and accounting firms.

  • ·2016:Obtained the Type 4 and 9 licenses granted by Securities & Futures
                 Commission of Hong Kong (SFC).

    In September, 2016, SITCOAM (Hong Kong) Holdings Limited was formally granted the Type 4 and 9 licenses by SFC. Greatly empowered by its SFC licenses, SITCOAM (HK) extended and diversified its offshore investment, pursuing full and active participation in the international market so as to provide global asset allocation service and family trust service for Shanghai Trust’s clients and high-net-worth individuals.

Global Presence

Oversea platforms were set up in Hong Kong, Guernsey, Luxembourg and Cayman Islands. They keep close contact with local trust companies and asset management agencies so as to provide global asset management services for clients of Shanghai Trust.

Business Expansion

  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • • Initiated overseas business.
  • • Finished forming a team for overseas business, setting up an overseas product information network for Shanghai Trust’s international business.
  • • Obtained licenses for providing independent asset management service.
  • • Released fund products under its own management.