• Cash Fengli

    Flagship Cash Management

    This product, based on judgement of the short-term interest rate fluctuations, properly adjusts investment time horizon, so as to guarantee the safety and liquidity of the principal as well as higher returns. It can be purchased via many ways every day and generates returns on a daily basis from Day T+0 at the soonest.

  • Ruby 7-days

    Short-Term Asset Management

    This is an open-end fixed income product as the asset under management can be seamlessly transferred to other products released by Shanghai Trust. It has outstanding yield and high liquidity, featuring flexible application and redemption.

  • Ruby T+N

    Medium-Term And Short-Term
    Investment Expert

    The product offers options with different time horizons (ranging from 7 days to a year) to cater for different needs. It can effectively reduce risks by diversifying investment. And it strives for an optimal portfolio that can achieve high returns, safety and liquidity.

  • TBN

    A trust product with liquidity

    This product pools highly rated assets and achieves standardization of trusts through structural innovation. By supporting various ways of asset transfer including targeted transfer and free transaction, it provides for investors multiple ways to participate in the trust market and truly solves the liquidity problem of trusts.

  • Collective Trust Scheme

    Mid & Long-term Asset Allocation

    Tempered and tested by the market for more than 30 years, it has developed a mature risk control system, a sophisticated operations management system and elaborate precautions against risks. Moreover, it has also accumulated plenty of excellent financers, which enable it to provide multifarious collective trusts.

  • ABS

    Structured Financial Instrument

    Fully utilizing the resources and bankruptcy remote structure of the company, we serve as the trustee for all kinds of asset securitization programs, supporting a variety of assets including housing provident and car loans. It strives to provide flexible, innovative and diverse products and add liquidity to high quality assets of all sorts.