Shanghai Trust, as an enterprise, has been zealously supporting the development of public welfare, cultural and sports undertakings since its founding.

Along the way, it has not only made active donations to the Hope Project but also supported the holding of the Asian Games, the building of Shanghai Songhu Anti-Japanese War Memorial and Shanghai People’s Heroes Monument. In face of severe natural disasters, everyone in Shanghai Trust showed their concern over the disaster-stricken area and in their own way, promptly helped to relieve the pain of sufferers.


Shanghai Trust has been lending full support to the development of Chinese refined arts. Since 2011, it has, on an annual basis, sponsored first-rate foreign symphony orchestras or opera troupes for them to perform in Shanghai. In 2016, in order to better promote the development of Chinese refined arts, “Feast of the Ear” Funds Trust Plan of “Shangshan” Series was incubated, whose priorities were to facilitate exchanges between different cultures and arts in the world, support varied artistic projects and activities and introduce internationally-renowned orchestras and troupes, imparting more profound connotations to the wealth.


Along its strengthening and progress, Shanghai Trust, has actively supported the development of Chinese public welfare all the time. In 2014, by harnessing its advantages, it initiated Trust Plans of Shangshan Series to provide special funds for domestic charity cause, among which Yunnan Education Promoting Trust Plan made it possible for local primary-and-middle-school teachers to receive training in Shanghai while Yangtze River C8 Taoshuwan Primary School Construction Assistance Trust Plan provided funds to support the reconstruction of Taoshuwan Hope Primary School in Taiyi Village, Dali, Yunnan.

In the future, Shanghai Trust will further stimulate the development of public welfare trust, expanding the coverage to every field like poverty alleviation, health care, arts & cultures, sports, eco-environment protection, etc. Besides, it will actively advance product incubation and make its charitable trust become ordered, large-scale and a brand product. While devotedly fulfilling its Corporate Social Responsibility, Shanghai Trust will lay emphasis on its family trust to accelerate the transformation in wealth management businesses.

With a deep-rooted cultural background, Shanghai Trust takes ‘Bund 111 Art Space’ as a pivot, attaching great importance to the combination of finance and art.Last June, ‘the beauty of craftsmanship’—the original woodcut exhibition of European master was successfully held. By last August, Wu Guanzhong and Wu Dayu Art Exhibition started to show extraordinary. In 2017, Shanghai Trust launched the art special exhibition of Luo Zhongli. ‘Bund 111 Art Space’ keeps trying to hold different art exhibitions in the road of exploration and devotes itself to creating a unique art center besides the Huangpu River.

In the beginning of 2017, Shanghai Trust joined hands with shanghai cultural salon brand ‘Clement’. By introducing charity trust model, Shanghai Trust supports the development of shanghai-school culture, known as the ‘hai style’ and conveys the essences of it.