Developing and growing stage

  • • Business management scale: RMB 20.393 billion
  • • Being renamed as "Shanghai International Trust Co., Ltd."; successfully renewed the financial license.

    AUM: 47.8 billion

  • • Issued 400 trust products in total; successively launched equity products, gold trust, index linked investment trust with stop winning strategy, umbrella-type asset allocation trust,

    Trust scale: 75.3 billion

  • • Launched the Xinquan series product, which invests in both debt and equity; took an attempt in real estate limited partnership fund; innovatively applied senior/subordinate

    AUM: 190.9 billion

  • • Started the family wealth management and heritage services; launched the first active family wealth management product——“Xin Rui Wen Li” stand-alone trust scheme.

    AUM: 603.3 billion

  • • Improved "T + N" fund-based product series; issued the company's first land circulation trust; explored and implemented a new mode of urban development fund; initiate overseas platform architecture; formally launched the WeChat platform.

    Exploring and growing stage

  • • Functioned as an important window of foreign financing
  • • Its registered capital reached RMB 2.5 billion after several times of capital increase and the number of shareholders

    AUM: 20.6 billion

  • • Achieved the business management scale of RMB 20.556 billion; achieved new breakthrough in bank-trust cooperation; created new highlights in the investment field; made new progress in business.

    AUM: 52.7 billion

  • • AUM: RMB 52.7 billion; safely redeemed 710 trust products in total; attempted hsianghualie artwork investment trust.

    AUM: 118.4 billion

  • • Launched the first domestic QDII collective trust product, the first asset securitization trust product, innovative Ruby 7-Day and Rihuiying product; established Shangxin New Hongqiao

    AUM: 383.6 billion

  • • Started the family office business; launched the secondary market platform "Shanghai Trust Winclub" which supports the dealing and transaction of trust products; issued the company's first public interest trust product and the first public interest trust product with external fund introduction;

    AUM:RMB 818.1 billion

  • • Shanghai Trust successfully launched the 1st asset-backed security for Shanghai personal housing provident loan in 2016; released the first standardized TBN product and the upgraded Winclub 2.0; established the brand new Xinrui family office; and initiated the “Feast of the Ear” trust fund of the “Shangshan” series model of introducing trust structure.