Pioneer of Financial Innovations

With integrity as its cornerstone and readiness to take responsibility, Shanghai Trust has achieved ten “firsts”.

As the first local non-bank financial institution after the reform and opening up, Shanghai Trust has always played the role of trailblazer and innovator, showcasing its incandescent expertise in finance on the domestic and world stage.

  • 1988 • It launched the first joint-stock securities company: Shanghai Wanguo Securities Company in China.
  • 1991 • It established Shanghai Joint Financial Company with China Construction Bank Shanghai Branch and French Societe Generale, which is one of the two earliest Sino-foreign financial institutions in Shanghai since the foundation of PRC.
  • 1993 • It initiated and managed Jinlong Fund, the first RMB mutual fund in Shanghai.
    • It initiated and managed Shanghai Development Fund, which is Shanghai's first mutual fund registered and listed overseas.
  • 1995 • It founded the financial advisory service of trust companies and served as the exclusive financial advisor to Qinshan Nuclear Power Phase III.
  • 1998 • It founded and became the controlling shareholder of HuaAn Fund Management Co., Ltd., one of the first domestic fund management companies.
  • 2005 • It jointly established Tullett Prebon SITICO (China) Ltd., China’s first currency brokerage company.
  • 2006 • It initiated the establishment of China's first trust registration agency, Shanghai Trust Registration Centre.
    • It became one of the first trust companies qualified as the asset securitization business.
  • 2007 • It was included in the first batch of domestic trust companies that acquired the Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor (QDII) license.

Bellwether of Fiduciary Service Innovation

As one of the leading trust companies with leading position in the industry, Shanghai Trust is licensed to engage in innovative services, such as asset securitization,
QDII investments, stock index futures management, etc.

As a trailblazer for wealth management services, we boast rich experience and profound insight.

  • 01
    New Shanghai International Building Investment Trust Scheme—the first real estate investment trust product.
  • 02
    Shanghai Maglev Transportation Project equity trust beneficiary right investment plan, the first transferred property trust beneficiary right product with advantage senior/equity structure.
  • 03
    “Sapphire” Securities Trust Scheme—the first structured securities investment trust product.
  • 04
    “Platinum” Foreign Exchange Trust Scheme—the first foreign exchange trust product.
  • 05
    “Platinum” Hong Kong Investment Trust Scheme—the first QDII trust product.
  • 06
    “Platinum” Greater China Collective Bond Investment Trust Scheme—the first QDII collective investment trust product.
  • 07
    “Ruby” Safe& Progressive Umbrella Trust Scheme—the first major assets allocation product.
  • 08
    The 1st “Fu Yuan” Private Auto Mortgage Asset-backed Securities in 2014—the first ABS product launched by a purely foreign-funded financial institution.
  • 09
    “Platinum” Greater China Bond Investment Assembled Funds Trust Scheme —the first QDII product supporting dual-currency subscription.
  • 10
    “Shangshai (ultimate kindness)” Yunnan Education Promoting Trust Scheme—the first non-profit educational trust product.
  • 11
    Asset-backed Security for Shanghai Personal Housing Provident Loan 2015—the first housing provident loan securitization product.